Searching for Downloads

by Carol Quinn on June 3, 2014

App downloads

In the app world, downloads are crucial, but Samantha Yerks points out in her article, Downloads Aren’t Everything, that it’s engagement with the app that matters more. So, less “how do I get more downloads” and more, “How can we create a better user experience?”

When the user experience and design are perfect–and there is a need for the app developers have spent time creating–chances are the downloads will come.



Photo by Sebastiaan ter Burg  CC License


Coach O is Out and Sarkisian is In *Updated

by Chanel Lake

*UPDATED: Steve Sarkisian has signed a 5 year long contract to be USC’s new head coach. I think Pat Haden’s decision has come back to Sark’s previous coaching career at USC and his PAC-12 affiliation. Sarkisian’s record with UW is 39-24, let’s pray a Hail Mary that his record will be much better than that with […]

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Korean Dramas Never Get Old

by Yijie Liu

The first Korean drama I watched was I am sorry, I love you  when I was 17. I cried over the ending, loved the actors and remembered the story. After that, watching Korean dramas became a habit of mine. I am not sure how many I have watched so far, but I have gotten a pretty good […]

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A Love Letter to the Doctor

by Angie Fiedler Sutton

On Saturday, November 23, millions of people came together to celebrate a British cultural icon. No, not One Direction. I’m talking Doctor Who, celebrating its 50th anniversary. First broadcast November 23, 1963, Doctor Who is a science fiction show produced by the BBC about an alien who can travel through space and time. The original […]

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Because I’m HAPPY!

by Andrea Johnson

  I really wanted to do a professional blog post this time. I think I still could. It is, after all, only the third sentence. But, NO. Not with Pharrell’s Happy song in my head, and those cute, pill-shaped, Despicable Me minions bouncing around on my computer screen. Last Thursday, Pharrell released a 24 hr –yes, […]

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One Sugar Plum Too Many

by Wiebke Schuster

With December only a few days away, the holiday season 2013 is off to a racing start. Decorations emerge from the attic and grandma’s old gingerbread recipe resurfaces on the kitchen counter. Who doesn’t love to munch on cookies, candy canes and to warm their hands on cups of hot chocolate during this time of […]

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How the world celebrates Thanksgiving?

by Yunyun Li

Thanksgiving is around the corner. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Each year, 50 million Americans watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on television while around 3 million people line the parade route in New York. About 46 million turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving eve. 25 million people are expected to take the skies. However, the […]

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